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You always travel abroad when Nigeria has problem – Shehu Sani slams Buhari

Socio-political commentator, Shehu Sani, on Saturday, lashed out at President Muhammadu Buhari over his frequent foreign trips.

Sani said Buhari was in the habit of traveling abroad when there is a problem in the country.

He noted that Buhari travels abroad and return to meet the problem he left resolved.

However, Sani did not disclose the unsolved problem waiting for Buhari.

In a tweet, the former Kaduna Central Senator, wrote: “Whenever there’s problem,the President is used to traveling only to come back and meet it solved.

“This one, he went to Dubai, Spain and now Ghana and yet the problem is still waiting for him to solve.”

Buhari recently travelled to Dubai, Spain, and is expected to attend the African Union summit in Ghana.

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