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2023 presidency: Primate Ayodele warns of what will happen if Northerner succeeds Buhari

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has warned against allowing a Northerner to emerge as Nigeria’s next president.

Primate Ayodele warned that things would turn upside down if a Northerner emerges as Nigeria’s next president.

In a statement by his spokesman, Oluwatosin Osho, the cleric noted that a Northern president is not the answer to Nigeria’s problems.

He noted that the Presidency of Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential candidate is still under review by God.

According to Ayodele: ‘’Nigeria will turn upside down if another northern president emerges.

“If North goes ahead in 2023, a lot of things will turn upside down, the issue of Atiku becoming PDP presidential candidate is still under God’s review, a southerner is the right person to become Nigeria’s next president and it can come from any of the parties.

‘’Northerner is not the answer to Nigeria’s present problem.

“The Northerner still want to be in power because the pronouncement of President Buhari cannot be trusted, there are some agendas that will be exposed before the election. President Buhari should stand by his word to give it to a southerner because there will be lot of influence on him to backtrack on his words.

“The Northerners have their own agenda even as the president has given it to the south but if he stands by it, it will give President Buhari pedigree and integrity since it’s for the unity of Nigeria. Southern presidency will break northerners, cabals will still be frustrated to destabilize the southern presidency, some northerners will not be happy to see a southern president but no matter what, President Buhari should stand by his word’’.

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