Ukraine will have to negotiate with Putin, France not at war with Russia – President Macron

France President, Emmanuel Macron, has insisted that Ukraine and Europe will have to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the ongoing war.

According to the French President, this is the reality of things.

He said that Ukraine and Europe “will have to negotiate” at some point, according to CNN.

“The only desirable end to the conflict is either a Ukrainian military victory or talks at some point because fighting has stopped, so at some point, we must talk.

“We Europeans will be around the table to negotiate, at some point that will happen,” he added.

Macron, however, made clear that his country is not at war with Russia, despite European support for Ukraine.

“The difficulty in which we were all plunged, is that while we condemn, we sanction, we support the Ukrainians in their fight but we are not at war with Russia,” he said.

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