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Newborn Baby Found Abandoned In Front Of A Church In Rivers State

A newborn baby has been found abandoned by an unknown mother in front of a church in Rivers state.

The development was disclosed in a Facebook post by a user identified as Blessedcovenant Cyril Antai. He said the baby was abandoned in front of his church on July 19.

Cyril said the baby who has now been taken to the police station was found with a note which read “call her godgift and take care of her.”

Cyril wrote:

This baby girl was dropped today the 19th July 2022

In front of my church,

With a written Note that I should call her godgift and take care of her,

I had to take her to the police station and made an entry, by tomorrow we will be concluding on everything and the baby will become mine…

It was such an hectic evening for me,

Have gotten a baby food already for the baby…

A word of prayer for me.

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