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140 Northerners Arrested And Detained By Amotekun [Photos]

In the interest of humanity, I am here by calling on the Arewa Consultative Forum, governors, and human rights activists to intervene for these innocent people to be set free to continue their journey in search of means for survival.

According to a report, 140 northerners comprised of men, women, and children have been arrested and detained by the Yoruba’s militia called Amotekun.

It was gathered that, These innocent families who were on their way down South in search for menial jobs to survive but sadly ended up in the hands of militias for an only crime of moving in a large number.

The Commandant of Amotekun in Oyo State, Colonel Olayinka Adeyanju (Rtd) has said the 140 Northerners that were taken in for questioning because they were moving in large number.

However, Millions of people from the Southern region are living and trooping into the northern soil to set up, and do businesses of all kinds without any harassment or intimidation but the reverse is the case to the northerners.

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