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Ebubeagu Leader, Ogwu Begs For His Life As Gunmen Shot Him Dead In A Forest (Video)

The leader of the eastern security network codenamed Ebubeagu has allegedly been shot dead by unknown men.

The man was killed on Tuesday, August 9 after the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) declared that they would hunt down any member of Ebubeagu within the southern region.

The group made the declaration after the security outfit allegedly killed fourteen marriage guests in Imo State, few weeks back.

IPOB had declared to track down the leader of Ebubeagu and other culprits involved in the brutal killing of the victims.

However, a video clip shared by Anyi Kings, IPOB media personnel, shows the moment the Ebubeagu leader, Ogwu was intersected in an undisclosed forest, and shot dead despite pleading for his life.

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