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Nigerian Army Dismisses Two Soldiers Over The Murder Of An Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Aisami (photos)

The Nigerian Army fired two soldiers assigned to the 241 Recce Battalion, Nguru, Yobe State after finding them guilty on two-count charge.

Lt. Col. Ibrahim Abdullahi Osabo, the acting commanding officer of the battalion, stated that the accused were found guilty on two counts: failing to complete military responsibilities and acting in a way that jeopardized service discipline.

Before being finally fired, the suspects had their ranks changed from lance corporal to private.

It could be recalled that after allegedly killing a renowned Islamic cleric named Sheikh Goni Aisami in cold blood, Yobe State police detained Lance Corporal John Gabriel with service number N/A13/69/1522 and Lance Corporal Adamu Gideon with service number N/A13/70/6552, both assigned to 241 Recce Battalion, Nguru, Yobe State.

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