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Zambian Man Cries Uncontrollably In Court After His Wife Divorces Him For Checking Her Private Parts

A 42-year-old Zambian man was divorced by his wife for repeatedly peering at her private parts after his neighbors informed him that she was dating a particular businessman.

Bessie Msisika Chirwa, a 39-year-old nurse by profession, dragged her husband Amos Chirwa, a teacher by profession, to Lusaka Boma Court yesterday, December 21.

She said in court that her husband has been rigorously checking her private parts every time she returns from work, particularly in the morning after night shifts.

According to information obtained, the couple has been married for 13 years and 10 months and has five children together.

Mr. Chirwa was ordered to pay K600 per month for the children’s food and clothes.

Mr. Chirwa wept uncontrollably outside court as he did not want to lose his beautiful wife, whom he loved so much.

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