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Keep hope alive, Nigeria will soon change for good – Labour Party youth leader’s Xmas message

The director of Youth Affairs of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, Isah Abubakar, has enjoined Nigerians to keep hope alive amidst the security challenges facing the country.

According to him: “Good things are on the way for Nigeria because we have all gone through a lot of hardship and democracy has offered us another opportunity to elect leaders of our choice, so we should exercise our constitutional rights and elect credible leaders that will move this country forward in next year’s elections.”

Abubakar in a statement lamented the hardship many are going through on a daily basis and enjoined Nigerians to keep on praying for a way out.

He added: “The celebration of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, is another hope that all is not lost in the survival of Nigeria as a great country and so, we should live by the teachings of this season in order to move this country forward in all spheres of life.”

He observed: “It is sad that despite the abundance of crude oil and other natural resources in Nigeria, Nigerians are enduring hardship in queues to access the product. This has been our situation from time immemorial.

“Both the PDP-led administration in the country and the incumbent, the APC have failed in this regard. Despite that, both parties are packaging their elders who were part of the failure to present to Nigerians as an option to pick from.”

As Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, he urged Nigerians to imbibe the virtues of Jesus Christ who did not allow the lowly place of his birth to stop him from actualizing and maximizing his potential while on earth. He urged Christians to imbibe the same attitude and channel that to the growth of the country.

He observed that Nigerians are currently passing through the manger experience, where everything that ought to give them relative comfort is far away from them, but assured that with Peter Obi in the saddle of the presidency, the potential and greatness of the country will be unlocked, thereby ushering Nigerians to prosperity.

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