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Northern stakeholder opposes Nigerian lawmakers’ move to establish Almajiri Commission

The Centre for Human Resource Development and Empowerment Initiative Kaduna (HRDEI) has opposed the planned Almajiri Commission.

On Sunday in Kaduna, the Executive Director, Mohammed Ali, called for a total ban on the practice.

A bill to establish the commission on Almajiri and other out-of-school children scaled second reading in the House of Representatives last month.

Most of the ‘kid beggars’ are students of Qur’anic schools (Tsangaya) handed over to Islamic teachers by parents and guardians to learn the Qur’an.

Ali stated that street begging is a social, economic and environmental menace which must be discouraged by all.

The director lamented the number of beggars on the streets, in markets, motor parks, religious centres, residential neighbourhoods, ceremonial places, etc.

Ali further described begging as a result of laziness, mental dependence and oppressive consciousness.

He urged the government to develop the courage “to act and disabuse the minds of Nigerians who think or believe that Islam approves of begging”.

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