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Two parties are renting crowds for rallies – Pastor Adeboye speaks on presidential campaigns [video]

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has lamented what he sees as joblessness, the attendance of youths at political party rallies.

The religious leader accused political parties of hiring crowds to attend their rallies and said he was still considering a number of things hence he hadn’t made his prophecy on who the winner would be.

He made this known during the RCCG January Holy Ghost Service on Friday.

“I watch it in the news. If human beings promote you, oh, I don’t know whether I should say this. I’m sure you have been watching the campaign rallies, I watch it on the news. I don’t know if you have noticed that two different people don’t hold their campaign simultaneously in a town.

“Have you noticed that? You don’t know why? Because majority of the crowd, majority are rented. So I come, I pay, you gather. After I’ve gone, another man comes, he pays, you gather.”

He added,

“Somebody said, “Daddy, you keep on saying that you haven’t heard from God about who will win or who will…’ Maybe because there are several things occupying my mind and one of it is; when I see the crowd gathering and if you look at the crowd majority of them are young.

“When I see the hundreds of thousands of youths, you have to be jobless to be attending all these rallies. What is going to happen when the campaigns are over?You may be saying the election is next month and He has not spoken until now. I advise that you get your PVCs ready.

“If He doesn’t speak before the elections, then be ready to vote as your spirit leads. If He tells me, well, I may tell you or I may not,” he said.

Watch video below

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  1. I do not know if party are hiring crowd to their rally but what i know is that the youth that are attending rallys are also members of the political party , not all of them are jobless some are gainfully employed

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