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Bloody Guber Campaign: Sadiq Abubakar Security Men Shoots Two At Campaign Rally In Bauchi (photos)

Bauchi State indicates the gubernatorial campaign of the All Progressive Congress [APC] may have continued to struggle with their supporters amidst a grueling campaign. This is as the security agent attached to Sadiq Abubakar fatally shot two persons at Akuyam town in Misua Local Government Area [LGA] where the APC gubernatorial candidate went for a prescheduled rally on Monday, January 30 2023.

According to eyewitness account, the rally was peaceful and normal until the APC gubernatorial began to make utterances which the youths at the rally found offensive and/or disagreed with. It led to quick exhibition of rejection from the crowd. The chants of “Bamayi” began to rent the air. The chants which began in low decibels slowly grew to louder and became disruptive.

Reacting, the security agents attached to the APC gubernatorial candidate began positioning themselves in a different posture that seems more aggressive. Suddenly, the gun shots began. The security agents began shooting into the crowd. The flying bullets struck two persons in the crowd. Two-persons sustained potentially fatal injuries. The rally ended abruptly and APC gubernatorial candidate let the rally abandoning the injured.

The injured victims were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The cost of the treatment was paid by volunteers and sympathizers of the victims.

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