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Peter Obi Fulfills Promise To Jobless Female Graduate Who Couldn’t Afford N75,000 Oven For Baking (Photos)

The Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi has fulfilled his promise to fund the business idea of a jobless female undergraduate, Gimba Sophia Emmanuel, who could not afford seventy-five thousand Naira to start her baking business.

Recall, the former Anambra State governor wept on Thursday while lamenting the country’s state of affairs during his first briefing after the 2023 presidential election.

Buttressing his point, Obi narrated the story of a jobless female Nigerian graduate who couldn’t secure a job or purchase a N75,000 oven to start a baking business when he became teary.

“Whenever I meet a young person, I want to know what that young person does. So, you see me every day talking to young people. Just this morning, I went somewhere and a young lady was to boil water for me to make tea and I wanted to do it myself but she said she would do it but I insisted to do it.

“She said to me that she was worried that I lost the election. I asked for her name and where’s from and she said Nasarawa State. Asked where she schooled and she said Nasarawa State University. I asked what she does and she said she had no job (even though) she graduated since 2018.

“I then asked what she was trying to do and she told me she was learning how to do baking. I asked why are you not baking instead of being here to do this and she said she doesn’t have N75,000 to buy an oven,” Obi narrated while breaking into tears, adding “that’s what we get in Nigeria”

However, in a post shared on his social media handle on Saturday, the LP candidate disclosed he has fulfilled his promise and gifted young Gimba funds that will enable her pursue her baking dream.

Sharing the photos, Peter Obi wrote; “Today, I fulfilled my pledge to assist Ms Gimba Sophia Emmanuel in her aspiration to acquire an oven and start her baking and confectionery business. Interestingly, she had indicated that she would procure a Nigerian made oven, thus enhancing the value chain and putting into effect the production to consumption mantra.”

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