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Woman mysteriously disappears from live CCTV footage (VIDEO)

A video trending on Twitter has left many Ghanaians shocked with many unanswered questions as a woman mysteriously disappears from live CCTV footage while she was being captured.

From one’s first view, what looked like fake footage is actually real, and the video has not been tampered with. In the video, the lady walks into the view of the CCTV to buy some items from the shop. After reaching the shop and in the full glare of the CCTV camera, she is seen trying to touch something beneath her dress using her right hand. Then within a twinkle of an eye, the lady disappeared thus the CCTV was still live and recording activities, but the woman was gone.

Many have argued that she is a ghost. Strangely, no one within the shop knew her either. Others have argued that she may not be a ghost but someone with some form of power. This second thought is based on what she did before disappearing from the footage. A careful observation of her right hand showed that she might have touched something powerful beneath her dress as she stood there.

We decided to find out if truly Ghosts could appear and disappear from CCTV cameras and this is the result of our research findings.

CCTV cameras work by capturing visual information from the surrounding environment, converting it into electrical signals, and storing it on a digital storage device. Since CCTV cameras record the physical world, any entity that exists in the physical world should be captured on CCTV footage.

If a ghost was present in a location that was being monitored by CCTV cameras, it is highly likely that the cameras would capture some evidence of its presence. However, it is possible for some factors to interfere with the capture of ghostly activity, such as low-quality cameras, lighting conditions, or environmental factors such as fog or smoke.

In some cases, it may appear that a ghost has disappeared from CCTV footage, but this can usually be explained by other factors such as the movement of the camera or the obstruction of the camera’s view. In short, while there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of ghosts, if they were real, it is unlikely that they could appear and disappear from CCTV footage without leaving any evidence of their presence.


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