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1. Don’t fail to tell your male child that being a male is a gift from nature, but to become a man is the responsibility he must work to achieve.

2. Let him understand that your properties are never his birthright; that if he wants properties, he should work hard to acquire his own.

3. Teach him to know that being a male doesn’t make him superior to the female; rather, it makes his responsibility greater than that of the female.

4. From time to time, give him something to share amongst his siblings. This is one of the ways to know how he will share your properties when you die. If he is not fair enough in his sharing, ensure you take a decision about your properties while you’re still alive. Else, he will bring division to the family because of your wealth.

5. Never tell your male child; “my properties belong to you.” Such a declaration can make him not to be hardworking because of the wealth. If he is a bad child, he can even facilitate your death.

6. Don’t hesitate to tell him that it is not a bad thing to be in a relationship with a woman, but that, if he wishes to go far in life, he should not begin the journey with a woman early enough. Because early relationships with women would be a major distraction to the achievement of his purpose in life.

7. Be bold enough to tell him that the greatest load to a man is a woman, and that those who want to grow in life don’t carry such a load early in their lives. They do so when they know that their necks are strong. That is the only time they can carry it with a smile on their faces.

8. Tell him clearly that he should be careful not to offend a woman who is honest in her dealings. Make him understand that there’s nothing so destructive like a curse from a woman who is faithful.

9. Don’t refuse to teach him how to cook as their sisters are doing, for it is not a taboo for a man to be good at cooking.

10. Even if you are so rich, learn to say no to some of your son’s requests. Make him have the belief that it is not every time that cash is flowing. This is to prepare his mind for the challenges ahead of him. So that when the time comes he will know how to manage the situation.

11. Teach him the formula of savings. He should learn to save before he spends. For those who want to save after spending will have nothing left to save.

12. Advise him to live within his income. Borrowing to live will ruin his life. For anyone who wishes to succeed in life must learn how to control his desires.

13. Warn him not to borrow money to buy stuff for a woman. He should tell the lady to wait until he gets the money. Any man who wants to go beyond his limits, will surely see himself being frustrated.

14. While you advise him to mingle with the guys who are successful, tell him to do so with the guys whose sources of wealth are known. Let him be aware that children of this age are desperate to be rich. That is why they go extra mile just to be wealthy.

15. No matter how much you love your son, don’t buy a toy gun for him to play with. This generation is not the type you should make your child a custodian of a gun. Because when he drops the toy, he will buy the real gun for an advanced operation.

16. Inform him that education is a good tool for progress, but that education without handwork is not complete. Every child ought to learn some skills; in case the certificate fails, the skills will help.

17. Tell him clearly that the main reason why you send him to school is not to get a job; rather: that his being to school is to become a creator of jobs. Such coaching will guide him on what to study in school.

18. Let him understand that the main problem of our contemporary society is not scarcity of jobs, but scarcity of those who can create jobs from the resources that are available to us. And that you sent him to school to become the employer of labour and not necessarily the seeker of jobs.

19. Let him know that man needs two things to succeed in this material world. The two things are: wisdom and money. Tell him that a man who does not have any of these, doesn’t deserve to live.

20. Don’t be afraid to tell him that handsomeness can attract women to him. But he should know that it is money that will make the women happy with him; but that, it is a good character that will keep them together in love.

21. Inform him that no matter how rich a woman may be, she will still expect some money from a man whom she loves. So he should not think since she’s rich, he will have no need to give her his own. He should know that relationship without exchange can kill the love.

22. Tell him clearly that if he wants his woman to stay, he should play his role, that the day his woman begins to call him by his name, he should know that he has failed in his role as a man.

23. Tell him that there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of a football club, but that when he sees those youths who spend all their lives in the viewing centres, he should be careful with them. It is irrational to spend a whole day watching how your mates are making their money.

24. Teach him this secret of knowing a girl who is respectful. When a girl visits him and stays for a while, he should ask her to go before her parents start looking for her. If her response is “there’s no problem, I’ll go back anytime I want,” he should know that the girl has no respect for her parents at home.

25. Tell him that while choosing friends, he should know that the rich people don’t associate with the poor, unless there’s something they want the poor to do for them. If he wants to be relevant amongst the rich, he should work hard to upgrade himself.

26. Let him understand that the most successful man is he who can control his home and make the members of his family to stay in peace. Any success you may think you have made, without being at peace with your family, that is no success at all.

27. Tell him not to attend a night party with his friends; that it is one of the tactics they use to initiate people into a cult.

28. He should not think that the powerful ones are the ones in cults. No, they are those who are not strong enough to handle the ambivalence of their lives. They join the cult in search of support. That’s why they are living in fear.

29. Let him understand that those who fight to kill are weak. The strong men fight to ensure that life is protected.

30. In all, don’t fail to make him aware that the law of karma is still at work. For everyone will reap exactly what he sows. That’s why he must be careful in anything he does.

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