29th September 2023

Nasir El-rufai Satanic, A Threat To National Peace – Primate Ayodele

He warned Tinubu against giving him any position in government to avoid the sudden collapse of the country.

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has said that former governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is an enemy of Nigeria and the peaceful co-existence of its many ethnic groups.

Ayodele was reacting to El-Rufai’s recent statement concerning Muslim-Muslim ticket.

The former governor in his statement justified his choice of Muslims to occupy relevant positions in Kaduna state because they are the ones who vote for APC in the state.

He also mentioned that the current governor of the state will follow in his footstep and the coming one to prove that Islamic leadership doesn’t discriminate.

In his reaction, Primate Ayodele described Nasir El-rufai as someone who will start a religious war in Nigeria with his careless statement.

He fumed at the statement of the politician, describing the ex-governor a satanic agent.

Primate Ayodele alleged that El-rufai has an agenda to Islamize Nigeria and that if President Tinubu allows him in his government, the country will plunge into a religious crisis that may lead to war in the country.

The cleric accused him of being the brain behind APC’s Muslim-Muslim presidency and the religious crisis of Southern Kaduna.

He warned Tinubu against giving him any position in government to avoid the sudden collapse of the country.

“El-Rufai is satanic, he should not be trusted. The election in Kaduna was rigged in his candidate’s favor and God will take it back from him. How can he make such an insensitive statement, why is he mocking Christians? He is a religious hypocrite and a representative of the Taliban in Nigeria.

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“The statement of El Rufai is unacceptable, we want a peaceful nation but El-Rufai is a threat to national peace. He is the one behind the Southern Kaduna crisis all this while. He should be warned or he will destroy Tinubu’s government. God will destroy his plans before his time and if Tinubu brings him in, he will destroy the government completely.’’

“El Rufai is an agent of satan and God will soon expose his plans. He lost Kaduna but the real winner will reclaim his mandate. El-Rufai is a devil who wants to enslave Nigeria and sell the nation to the Islamic Republic. We must rise against his evil agenda. He is a religious and ethnic racist. He is one of the backbone of Muslim-Muslim presidency in Nigeria and of course, Nigeria will soon see the repercussion.’’

“Tinubu should stop El-Rufai before he creates a religious war in this country. Christians are peaceful people, God will deal with El Rufai because he wants to create a fight in the country.’’

“If El-Rufai becomes anything in Tinubu’s government, he will burn the country, he will start a religious crisis and he has a devilish agenda that will soon be exposed.”

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