Alleged Rape: Pastor Benjamin Egbaji Arrested In Benin Republic, Chained To Bed (video)

Protesters on Tuesday stormed the Republic of Benin Embassy in Abuja, challenging the continued detention of Nigerian pastor Benjamin Egbaji in Benin.

Egbaji, a native of Cross River State, who oversees a church, Église De Miracle Et Action Du Saint Esprit, in Benin, has been in detention for over a year after he was accused of rape by Pede Victoire, a citizen of the Republic of Benin.

The protesters, brandishing various placards, decried the mistreatment of Nigerians in Benin with growing frustration.

Addressing journalists at the Embassy, Ayobamidele Kehinde, International Director of Dynamic Ambassadors for Social Transformation and Orientation Initiatives, stated that Pastor Egbaji has been languishing in Benin’s detention for over a year without trial, even while in chains in the hospital.

Kehinde condemned the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in Benin, particularly against the Igbo community.

He explained, “The accusations against Pastor Benjamin were made by Pede Victoire, who claimed that he raped her daughter, Ahouandjinou Dona Sarah, when she was just 13 years old.

“However, this claim was never formally reported, and no evidence has been presented to substantiate these allegations.”

“Attempts to secure bail for Pastor Benjamin Egbaji have been unsuccessful due to the lack of action from the Nigerian Government.

Kehinde highlighted Egbaji’s contributions to the economy of Benin Republic over the past 30 years, noting the personal tragedies he has endured, including the deaths of his wife and adopted daughter.

He expressed frustration over the lack of support from the Nigerian government, stating, “We cannot claim to be members of ECOWAS and suffer like this. We have intel that the judge is under pressure to sentence Benjamin to ten years imprisonment. Visit their prisons and see how Nigerians are languishing there.”

Speaking with journalists after submitting a petition to the embassy, Barrister Joseph B. Ayi, lamented that a medical report indicated Egbaji, who is hypertensive, has blood pressure levels of 254/136, putting him at risk of a stroke or cardiac arrest.

“We have submitted our petition to the embassy, and they have promised to take action on the matter before the end of the day,” Ayi concluded.

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