Kenyan citizens give President Ruto 48-hour ultimatum to resign

There is an outrage in Kenya as citizens gave President William Ruto a 48-hour ultimatum to step down, demanding a new government committed to “transparency, accountability, and good governance.”

The call for resignation has gained significant traction, with a viral Twitter statement stating, “We no longer recognise William Ruto as the President of Kenya. We recall his presidency and urge him to immediately resign and surrender his office to the Kenyan people.”

This statement has generated lots of engagement, reflecting widespread discontent.

Regardless of President Ruto retracting a controversial finance bill that proposed tax increases, public outrage continues to prevail.

The bill, which was intended to address Kenya’s debt of approximately 10 trillion shillings ($78 billion), or roughly 70% of GDP, faced fierce opposition.

Ruto highlighted that without the tax increases, there would be a significant funding shortfall for critical development programmes, including those supporting farmers and teachers.

Kenyans are said to have struggled with economic instability, rampant corruption, and governance issues, leading to escalating living costs and high unemployment rates.

The public’s frustration has climaxed into protests and a fervent demand for change.

Scores of protesters took to the streets, expressing their dissatisfaction with the administration, which they describe as plagued by “incompetence, mismanagement, and a persistent failure to address the nation’s pressing needs.”

Kenyan police were said to have fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators while soldiers were deployed and roads leading to Ruto’s office at State House and parliament were blocked by police in anti-riot gear.

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